Beachbody has tirelessly surveyed it's customers in an effort to find out what they need most to help them succeed. The most recent survey discovered some amazing facts! The survey pool was divided into two groups - we'll call them Group A and Group B.

Group A

  • 51% don't know how to eat right
  • 73% didn't have ANYONE holding them accountable to working out
  • 83% of those customers didn't start or finish their program

Group B

  • 83% knew how to eat right
  • 78% had a support system in place to help with their program
  • 91% of those customers started their program, 62% finished

So what was the difference between these two groups of people? Group B connected with their Coach and drank Shakeology daily!

If you're not getting the support you need or you're not in touch with your coach, I invite you to join my team. Not a Team Beachbody member? Join Team Beachbody. Already a member but not getting the support you need? Change Coaches.

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