Move It Monday: Episode 1

Welcome to Move It Mondays!

When I originally became a Team Beachbody Coach, it was because I enjoyed helping others. To that, I feel I've done a small disservice to you so I'm going to start sending out these weekly Move It Monday emails to help keep you motiviated, give you small hints, tricks or tips to sticking with your workouts and let you know what's new and exciting with me and Team Beachbody!

I've Been Slacking!

No, not slack lining (I wish!), but I've been slacking on my posts.  I went almost the whole month of August without posting at all.  That's terrible, and I can do better!  It's been a really busy month for me though, mainly at work, and with my daughter back in school and simply lots going on at home.  But I will start being better in September and onward; after all, I have a goal to reach!

4 Down, 4 Up

Yup - 4 weeks down since I got back to working out, and I'm 4lbs up!  Weighed in at 157.4 this morning, I'm right where I want to be!  I'll be honest that I have missed a couple workouts over the past few weeks, but I'm still sticking with it, I have to, for the sake of my facial hair.  Operation #Gain2Shave is in full effect though - it's been 4 weeks since I shaved and I think I'm finally beyond the itchy phase of growing it out.

I Struggled, But I Did It!

I had the dreaded Leg Day yesterday.  It was hard, I won't lie.  I made notes last week on which exercises to increase my weights on, so I increased accordingly.  The downfall with the post-pain of leg day is that the pain of DOMS gives a sense that you really are building a lot of new muscle with the workout.  In reality the leg muscles are just so large that the area of pain is that much larger compared to other  muscles on the body.

That's okay though, I know that going in, so I know what to expect coming out.  Just like my ab workouts, I know I have to keep at it for a period of time to see the results I want.  Speaking of the ab routine, I'm feeling it in my obliques today.  Both the rotational and the longitudinal exercises hit exactly where I wanted which I'm quite pleased with.  A few weeks of keeping this up and I expect to start lifting more as a stronger core helps with heavy lifts.

Let It Grow, Let It Grow!

It's MONDAYYYYYYYYYYY!  Okay okay, I know not everyone is excited about it, but hey, might as well start the week off with a bang!  I'm excited for this week though; new schedule for both my wife and I at our jobs, which means I'll be able to start getting my ab workout in 4 days/week!

It's also the start (or continuance rather) of a piece of motivation for me.  My face!  Or more specifically, my facial hair!  I've never been able to successfully stick it out through "Movember" because my face ends up itching too dang much, plus I hate the little hairs that touch my lips and it just bothers me to hell.  However since we're not in November right now, I can set my own rules!

My Rockin' Ab Routine

Abs are made in the kitchen! That's the adage anyway. And it's mostly true - if you want your abs to show, you gotta eat right. You don't want to eat like crap (both poor food and too much food) and cause your body to either not perform optimally or store excess calories as fat in the midsection.

But you've also probably seen people that don't have a lick of body fat on them, but they don't have abs either, so what gives? Like any other muscle on the body, if you want it show and be toned, you have to work it too! If you want that hard chiseled six-pack, not only do you have to eat right, you have to work the muscles too, and that's what I'm going to over here today.

I Need More Sleep

For a number of reasons - but the effect of lack of sleep was that I took the freeway exit to go drop my son off at day care on the way to work this morning (I don't take him with me on Mondays).  Not only do I need more sleep because of that, but when you're doing a strenuous workout program, sleep is of the utmost importance to let your body fully recover.

This video isn't really related to sleep - but it is related to why I do my workouts daily; why I eat healthy daily; why I help my customers and clients every day.  It's just over 8 minutes, but I enourage you to watch the whole thing.

Let's Talk Turkey (Or Goals)

Goals.  It seems like for some of us they are ever-eluding.  Just in reach but unattainable.  Truth is that if you set realistic goals, anything is possible!  I was recently looking through old pictures on a backup hard drive (which is currently inaccessible, or I'd post the picture) of me from 2002, right after I first picked up a copy of the original Power90 (sadly no longer available).  I was skinny, probably 120 lbs, fresh out of high school.  I had these grand dreams of getting ripped and looking awesome.  Unfortunately for me, that was an unrealistic goal at the time.

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