First and foremost, I'm happily married and the proud father of a 8 year old little girl and a 4 year old little boy, and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be at the fitness level I am (gotta keep up with them somehow!).

I first purchased Power 90 in 2002 but I could never get into actually doing it (I was young and didn't know what I was doing). Fast forward to April of 2011, I had put on enough weight at a desk job that I had to make a change. All through high school and into college I weighed 125lbs soaking wet. When I got a desk job I put on an unhealthy 40lbs, reaching a peak of 165. I had a choice, either spend money on new work clothes or pull Power 90 out of the closet and lose some weight. I chose the latter and never looked back.

Power 90 was a great start for me; I lost 15lbs and was ecstatic. It wasn't easy, and I only had bands to work with, but with the support of my wife, I powered through the 90 days. I looked better, felt better and was overall happy, but I didn't want to stop there. My major sticking point with Power 90 was nutrition - I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I was making healthier choices, but really I was still eating poorly. It wasn't until I decided to start P90X that things started to get even better.

P90X for me, like many others, was a serious game changer. I drastically increased my strength thanks to my newly purchased dumbbells, I lost more fat as I learned more about nutrition from the Nutrition Guide. P90X helped me see a net loss of 5 lbs, but my muscle and strength gains are where it really showed. This gave me renewed confidence to keep going strong, working out with other programs and continuing my journey.

I eventually got down to 142lbs at 9% body fat with the help of P90X2, Body Beast and Les Mills Combat. I currently do a mix of routines from programs like Body Beast, P90X, P90X2 and Focus T25, working on getting back up 165lbs at 8% body fat (currently at 160lbs at 12.5% bf). I love helping people with all of the knowledge I have gained since starting Power 90 so I opted to become a coach and share what I have learned to help others reach their goals.

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